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Veterinary waste

transport odpadów niebezpiecznych dąbrowa górnicza

Definition of veterinary waste

According to the Act of 14 December 2012 on Waste, veterinary waste is waste generated in connection with research, treatment or provision of veterinary services, as well as in connection with scientific research and animal experiments. Veterinary waste is generated in connection with the activities of veterinary practices, animal clinics, laboratories and others.

Types of veterinary waste

In the table presenting the classification of veterinary waste, hazardous waste that poses a particular risk to human health and life and to the environment is marked with an asterisk.

Waste code Type of veterinary waste
18 02 wastes from diagnosis, treatment and veterinary prophylaxis
18 02 01 surgical instruments, syringes, needles and veneers
18 02 02* infected pathogens, scalpels, syringes, syringes or their toxins, veneers and the like
18 02 03 Dressings, disposable gloves, linen, serviettes and disposable gowns
18 02 05* chemicals, including chemical reagents, containing dangerous substances
18 02 06 chemicals and chemical reagents other than those mentioned in 18 02 05
18 02 07* cytotoxic and cytostatic anticancer drugs
18 02 08 Outdated medicines and other than those mentioned in 18 02 07

Table has been prepared on the basis of information from the Ministry of the Environment.

Safe collection and disposal of waste

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