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Waste Transfer Note

utylizacja odpadów medycznych śląsk

Each waste collection should be confirmed by a Waste Transfer Note. The current template of the Waste Transfer Note was published in the Regulation of the Minister of the Environment of 12 December 2014 on the templates of documents used for the purposes of the waste register. Proper filling in of the Waste Transfer Note by the waste producer is an essential element to maintain proper records and transparency of the waste transport and disposal process. utylizacja odpadów medycznych dąbrowa górnicza

  1. The waste transfer note number is assigned by the waste holder who transfers the waste. The law does not impose the format of the number. The format is often used, containing the waste code and the date of operation, e.g. 170201/0105/2019.
  2. The transfer note must always contain the calendar year.
  3. Waste holder – please provide the name and surname or name of the entity transferring the waste and the address of residence or registered office.
  4. Waste transporter – please provide the name and surname or name of the entity transporting waste and the address of residence or registered office. It is worth checking in the Register of the Waste Database of the whether the entity holds a waste transport permit. Where waste is transported consecutively by more than one waste transporter, the field must be filled in with data and signatures of all waste transporters in a sequential order.
  5. Waste transporter – please provide the name and surname or name of the entity transporting waste and the address of residence or registered office.
  6. Waste Database registration number – in 2019, all entities should already have an individual registration number.
  7. Please provide your name or business name and address to which the waste should be delivered.
  8. This field only applies to dismantling stations and landfill management of hazardous waste in most cases remains unfilled.
  9. This field applies only to the producer of infectious medical waste or infectious veterinary waste and in most cases remains unfilled.
  10. On the waste transfer note, we place the waste code according to the waste catalogue.
  11. On the waste transfer card we place the type of waste (waste name) according to the waste catalogue.
  12. Please provide the exact date of operation in case of collective waste handover card month e.g. 1.5.2018.
  13. Mass of waste in Megagram Mg (1 Mg=1000 kg) to three decimal places. If the mass of the waste is less than 1 kg (0,001 Mg), state the rounded mass to the nearest 1 kg or 0,001 Mg.
  14. We fill in only for hazardous waste according to the waste catalogue.
  15. We only fill in for metallic mercury waste.

Template available on the website:


Rozliczenie płatności za wykonaną usługę utylizacji odpadów przez firmę Ekomed-GO

In order to improve the process of posting payments for services provided by us, the transfer title should include information such as:

  • correct invoice number for which the payment is being made;
  • identification of the purchaser of the invoice;
  • individual customer number.

If the above recommendations are not followed, the posting process may be extended, or due to lack of data necessary to properly determine the recipient of the service, invoices for which the payment is made may remain unsettled. Ekomed reserves the right to count the payments made towards the furthest due payments, despite the indication made by the depositor.

Pack safely

odpady medyczne dąbrowa górnicza
  1. Health care wastes are collected in containers or bags at the point of generation and pre-storage, taking into account their properties.
  2. Medical waste is collected in single-use containers or bags made of polyurethane film, durable, resistant to moisture and chemicals, with the possibility of single closure.
  3. Medical waste with sharp ends and edges (needles, scalpels, dental drills, other sharp objects) requires selective collection in separate separate collection systems disposable, rigid, moisture-resistant, mechanical, puncture-resistant or cut-resistant containers.
  4. Medical waste may not be mixed with other types of waste.
  5. Medical waste should be stored in a specially designated lockable room.
  6. Placing waste in a container shall be carried out in a manner that does not lead to damage to the container.
  7. When 3/4 of the package is full, close it tightly so that it cannot be opened.
  8. Each medical waste container shall bear a visible identifying markings it contains:
  • the code of the medical waste stored therein
  • the name of the producer of the medical waste
  • REGON number of the producer of medical waste
  • number of the registration book
  • opening date and hour
  • closing date and hour


utylizacja odpadów, odbiór odpadów medycznych

It should be remembered that waste producers are obliged to submit to the relevant Marshal’s Office a Report on waste generation and waste management for each calendar year. In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we prepare annual reports on the amount of generated waste, which we provide to those interested in the electronic form. The report prepared by us in this way is ready to be submitted to the Marshal’s Office after it has been signed by the waste producer.

Confirmation of Disposal Document

odbiór odpadów medycznych

As we understand the responsibility of waste producers, we guarantee the greatest possible transparency in the transport and disposal process. At the request of our counterparties, we confirm waste disposal by providing a Confirmation of Disposal Document. The document confirming waste disposal is issued in three copies, one of which is given to the manufacturer of infectious medical waste or infectious veterinary waste, and the other is given to the Voivodeship Inspector of Environmental Protection competent for the place of production of infectious medical waste or infectious veterinary waste.

Ask about the Confirmation of Disposal Document