Packaging and waste containers

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Packaging and waste containers

odbiór odpadów spożywczych śląsk

All establishments generating hazardous waste such as medical, chemical, hazardous, veterinary and animal substances are required to store them in special containers.

Containers for medical and hazardous waste

These containers are dedicated to all facilities generating hazardous waste in connection with the provision of services. Our offer includes a wide range of containers for hazardous waste, polyethylene and paper foil bags and containers.


Type of container container capacity
Containers in red, blue and yellow; – 1 litre – 2 litres – 5 litres – 10 litres – 20 litres – 30 litres – 60 litres
Bags made of polyethylene foil in red, blue and yellow, and multilayer paper bags; – 35 litres – 60 litres – 120 litres
Containers; – 240 litres – 660 litres – 1100 litres

Safe collection and disposal of waste

Are you looking for an experienced waste disposal partner? Contact us – we will present our transparent solutions and select an offer consistent with your expectations.