Food waste

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Food waste

odbiór odpadów spożywczych dąbrowa górnicza

The group of food waste includes such wastes as:

  • food and kitchen leftovers;
  • overdue food;
  • food products withdrawn from the market;
  • post-production waste of plant and animal origin

and other articles unfit for consumption.

Food waste is generated in connection with the activities of such institutions as restaurants, catering bars, schools, kindergartens and other institutions dealing with collective catering.

Organic waste collection

More and more customers are interested in organic waste collection. This does not apply only to restaurants or the agri-food industry. Waste segregation is becoming a universal obligation. Legal regulations concerning waste segregation start to apply not only to entrepreneurs and scientific, medical and public institutions.

Segregation makes it possible to reduce and rationalise the costs of waste collection, so entities not directly related to the catering sector are also looking for companies that collect this type of waste, including seasonal work such as grass mowing and tree pruning.

Safe collection and disposal of waste

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