Dangerous substances

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Dangerous substances

utylizacja odpadów niebezpiecznych śląsk

Dangerous substances pose a huge threat to human health and life and have a negative impact on the environment. The method of storage and disposal of this type of waste is carefully designed and supervised by the relevant authorities. Hazardous waste includes all substances that have chemical properties that endanger the environment and the health and life of people. These include solvents, alkalis and acids, which are often used in industrial plants.

Receipt of hazardous substances

The collection of hazardous substances requires well-designed procedures, qualified staff and an appropriate fleet of vehicles. The entire process must be properly documented. Inadequate storage and disposal of hazardous waste can result in poisoning of soil, air and water. It is important that they are properly segregated in order to prevent an ecological disaster on a micro-scale.

Safe collection and disposal of waste

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